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5 Not-To-Be- Missed Milestones In The Newborn Months

5 Not-To-Be- Missed Milestones In The Newborn Months

There is nothing more sweet and innocent than a sleeping newborn baby. New moms will tell you, however, that there is so much more to the newborn months. A baby is considered a newborn for their first eight weeks, or two months, of life. 

Newborn human babies need around the clock care to survive and thrive. While you’re busy changing diapers and feeding your baby every few hours, some pretty magical things happen. Here are just five of those unforgettable moments you won’t want to miss.

#1. Grasping Your Finger

One of the most often photographed and videotaped moments in newborn history is that moment a baby wraps their tiny hand around mom or dad’s finger in a tight grip. It’s absolutely adorable, and it’s also a natural reflex. Most of your baby’s movements in the first few weeks are automatic instead of intentional. The Palmer Reflex was designed by mother nature to help a baby grab objects and bring them to their mouth to eat or explore. 

#2. Making Baby Coos And Ahhs

Newborn babies cry a lot, not because they are unhappy, but because it’s the only way they are born knowing how to communicate. Somewhere around week 3, although it’s different for all babies, your baby will discover that it can make different sounds. Baby coos are your baby’s way of learning to communicate in different ways. They will see how you react when they make different sounds. 

#3. Baby’s First Smile

 Babies smile intentionally much earlier than people realize. In fact, your baby could smile on purpose anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. You will know for sure the smile is genuine when they respond to a smile with a smile of their own. Keep the camera ready. 

#4. Interest In Colors And Recognizing Where Sounds Are Coming From

Towards the end of the second month, if you’ve been eager to play with your newborn, you finally get your chance. Babies around this age start to recognize and appreciate different colors and start to figure out where sounds are coming from. If they hear a rattle, they will look at the toy that is making the noise. This is your time to shine, get out those colorful, noisy baby toys, and start playing during tummy time. 

#5. Lifting The Head

Newborns can lift their heads in certain positions and turn towards sounds from the moment they are born. However, their heads are so heavy they have a hard time lifting and holding their head up when they are sitting or laying on their tummies. They gain enough neck strength to start making that happen right at the end of the newborn stage, around eight weeks. Tummy time can help your baby build up that neck strength, and playing with them will encourage them to want to lift their head and look around. 

Be on the lookout for all the incredible milestones that take place in the newborn months. 


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